Rug Cleaning

Is it time to have your rugs cleaned?

Maintain the timeless allure of your rugs with our expert cleaning services. You've carefully selected the perfect rug to complement your space, and we're dedicated to helping you preserve its immaculate appearance.

With our state-of-the-art, in-store commercial steam cleaning, bid farewell to any concerns about your space appearing worn or unkempt. What's more, take advantage of our exceptional offer: enjoy the cleaning of TWO rugs for the price of one!

Pricing details:

4x6 - $25 each

5x8 - $50 each

6'6 x 9'6 - $75 each

8x11 - $100 each

9x12 - $125 each

Should you have any questions regarding rug cleaning or any of our additional services, please do not hesitate to reach out to our store or drop your rugs off for cleaning today!

Please note that while we specialize in most synthetic rugs, wool rugs require specialized care and may be cleaned off-site. Additional charges may apply.

*Pet stained rugs not accepted

Before and After image showcasing the effects of proper rug care
Rug cleaning demonstration with a area rug in a living room setting
A before an after image showcasing a white area rug that is half cleaned and half dirty
A before an after image showcasing a hexagon pattern area rug that is half cleaned and half dirty
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